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Frequently Asked Questions 2017-05-04T16:07:43-05:00
How much time will it take? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

You have little spare time. That’s why EngageRx program materials are designed for just 15 minutes a day using your smartphone or tablet. Push notifications and built-in game mechanics drive engagement through ease of use and positive competition.

In short, count on 15 minutes, 5 days a week for 15 weeks. 

Einstein said that if a person studies a subject for just 15 minutes a day in a year he will be an expert, and in five years he may be a national expert.

Aren’t you worth 15 minutes a day to focus on YOU!

This is a powerfully simple – and highly scalable – approach to learning.
Each email will deliver a thought provoking question with a link to about 15 minutes of reading (and / or video) to answer the question. You can answer one question a day or two or more – it’s completely up to you. Module 5 is a unique, engaging interactive online workshop.

More detail: Suggested number of hours of study: 22.5
(442 pages divided into 58 bite sized chunks of 15 minutes each. 14 hours of module content reading and answering questions + 5.5 hours of videos + 2.5 hours of online workshop)


I’m really interested in this program…BUT… 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

There are 4 common concerns people have before they jump in. We thought we would just tackle them head on.
1. How is this different from all the sales/influence training programs I have taken before?

Aka “Am I too good for this? “I hear you! You have been sitting in training rooms all your life. So why do you need this?
Well, let me ask you this. Did all that training work? Do you get the time, trust and respect you want from your customers/other people? Do you feel, at the end of the day, that you made a difference? Do you have a system to influence behavior and tips for each step of the way? Do you look at ‘who you are’ plus ‘why you do it’ as important layers on top of ‘what you say/do’? Do you know how to BE patient focused and increase sales simultaneously?
When you look around, isn’t it true that the most successful people are consummate learners? Is there room for improvement in what you do?

Sorry, that was a lot of questions–wasn’t it!

Most programs only look at what to say/do. Clearly that’s not enough. We’ve gotten ourselves into hot water in pharma by not focusing on the single most important foundation of engagement. Do you know what that is? We’ll teach you not just what it is but how to increase it. There are things you can do each and every day – apart from what you say/do that will make you more influential. Do you know what those are? We will teach you what these are and how to improve them daily. The results will amaze you – in both your professional and personal life!
But don’t take my word for it. Read the testimonials here. For example, here’s what Hussein Wehbe had to say about it:

This is my 18th advanced program and I don’t recall getting involved or enjoying a program as much as I did with this one. I find myself, using the materials I learned to explain things and relate to people in ways I have never done before. Whether it is my personal or professional life, I think you made an impression on me. Thanks a million and keep up the good work.”

2. I’ve been in pharma a long (looong) time.

How could this possibly help me now? You’ve lived through the glory days and the perfect storm. You’ve been to so many product trainings that your family considers you a “veritable doctor” and comes to you with all their health care related questions!
Think of it this way – while you’ve been busy out there selling, we’ve been working behind the scenes for you – collecting, synthesizing, and interpreting all the knowledge now available on how to engage ethically. Thanks to advances in brain imaging, more has been learned in psychology and neuroscience recently than in the entire history of the disciplines. We’ve applied it specifically to our new pharma environment and figuring out how to turn the tide for pharma.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the testimonials here. For example, Jag Sindhu said…

With over 25 years experience in pharma industry and having worked in three continents; I would have imagined that there is not much left for me to learn in pharmaceutical selling or for learning to how to influence a physician. The program has not only helped me to sharpen my selling skills but by applying the SUASION Staircase; I have also been able to better my relationship outside of my work.

Jill engaged a smooth writing style with witty inclusions, bringing a real effervescence to the learning experience. This is just not another program that you would study to add one more course in your list of achievements but is a program that will work with you in your success throughout your life and help you to have better understanding of your partner (be it a family member, a friend or a customer). I strongly recommend “EngageRx” to everyone in the pharmaceutical fraternity.”

3. The environment around me is the problem.

Doors are closing, formularies are tightening. Our role is diminishing. Yes, if you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen huge changes. In the story, Richard starts off in the glory days. You meet him on a product launch trip. You share his journey as the environment changes around him and you’ll see how he adapts to regain his ability to engage and promote change. The environment IS changing. And that is all the more reason to invest time to learn how to adapt to the change. Picture yourself four months from now. Will you be…
▪ getting more respect from your customers (who you will then consider ‘partners’)?
▪ gaining access more easily?
▪ feeling like you are making a difference at the end of the day?
In general, will you be engaging more effectively and ethically? Will you be seeing the benefits both at home and at work?

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.” – W. L. Bateman
If you do nothing different, none of the above will happen. But what if you take this program and have the same outcomes as over a thousand people have before you? What if…
▪ You have ah-ha’s all the way through?
▪ You apply the ideas at work and at home?
▪ You see a big difference in how people respond to you?
The most successful people are “consummate learners”. Do you have a learning plan for the next quarter? The months will go by whether you take this program or not.

4. I don’t have time to add one more thing to my plate.

You don’t have time not to! You know this guy – like the hamster on the wheel – running, running, running but not getting anywhere! We all make time for things that are important enough.
The late Stephen Covey framed this well in his landmark book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. You probably remember his last habit – Sharpen the Saw. Imagine two men racing to cut a tree down; both with dull saws that they had been using a long time. The first one notices his saw is dull but thinks “I don’t have time to sharpen it”. The second one takes the time to sharpen his saw. Who won the race? Of course the one with the sharper saw!

When did you last sharpen your say?

What if you step off the wheel for just 15 minutes a day for 15 weeks – to look at the wheel? (Is that wheel even working anymore?) Then as you go about your travels during the week, be conscious of being thoughtful in your approach. Apply the new ideas to your practice (at work AND at home!). Seeing the difference each week will propel you to read the following week. But don’t take my word for it… Read the testimonials here. For example, Karine Lanouette, GP Representative said…
“You have to prioritize in life. The time you take to do this program will save you time in the doctor’s office in the future, plus it will boost your sales (and everything that goes along with that…ego, bonuses, etc). It will also make you a better salesperson, a better deal closer, a better listener, a better Mom/Dad. It applies to all aspects of life, not just in sales. So in order to save time, you should make time for this course.” 

By the way, have you ever been too busy driving to stop and get gas?
What’s in it for me? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00


This is a life-changing program – in all aspects. In a nutshell, you will be happier and more satisfied with your role in pharma and in life.

It teaches you how to become a trusted, valued partner to healthcare providers and gives you a system of what to say and do to change health care behavior.

In the end, you will feel confident that you can make a difference; and proud that what you do matters. It energizes and empowers you to make your patient-focused intentions work.

Sure, you will you earn your accreditation certificate which you will proudly add to your list of achievements. And, more importantly, you will have the knowledge, attitude, skills and habits to make the changes you need to get better outcomes – for your health care partners, your company, yourself and most importantly… the patients!

Think about it this way. When you walk in the door at the end of the day you will feel good – like you made a difference. You are a trusted, valued partner. And because we focus on “who you are”, you will have a more balanced professional and personal life and you will be happier! Participants LOVE that the lessons apply to influencing their kids, their spouse…. Just about every aspect of life.



Who should take this program? Or who benefits the most from it? 2014-11-02T17:02:03-05:00

The main character is our story is Richard; a sales rep turned sales manager, turned product manager. Sales reps, Spec reps, Territory Managers, Medical Liaisons, Key Account Managers, Continuing Health Education Managers, Gov’t Affairs Managers, Training Managers and Marketing Managers have all benefitted from the program. In short, if you need to influence others’ behavior, specifically health care professionals’ behavior, then this program will help you. We have found that the sweet spot is the senior sales/hospital rep.

Jim Shea, General Manager of the Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education in Canada, said:

“If everyone in pharma would take this program, we could provide the value we have been striving for. It should be on everyone’s professional development plan – as the most important program they will take.”

How do we measure it? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

We have built-in tools for you to learn and revisit your learning. The purpose of measuring your progress is to be able to provide you with feedback and reminders that will reinforce the knowledge and skill development for you. It also makes it fun. There is a leader board so that you can track your progress vs. other participants. It can be populated with your real or ‘avatar’ name. The reflection forms that you fill out after each module as well as the questions allow you to track your progress and reinforce learning.

For groups that register we can provide them with a training dashboard, as well as surveys and assessment tools to help training managers lead and inspire their groups and measure outcomes.

Who pays for EngageRx–me, or my company? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

The most common practice is that your company will pay for your program as part of your professional development. Your first influential challenge will be to gain approval from your manager to invest in EngageRx . We have taken the liberty of drafting an email for you to revise and send. You can access it here.  It includes:

  1. FAQ’s
  2.  2-min explainer video,
  3. a free download of one module of the program
  4. videos about each module,
  5.  explanation of the delivery technology
  6. Testimonials

If your company doesn’t fund your program, there are some options to consider. You can try offering to pay upfront and ask them to reimburse you upon successful completion. Another option is to ask them to consider paying 50/50. You can revise this template to help you show them the tremendous benefits to them.

Are there benefits for teams? 2014-11-02T23:36:50-05:00

Yes! We love to see teams succeed and have ideas to help. When you enroll as a team you get more value.

First of all, we know that together people learn and grow faster and to a higher level than they do alone.

Secondly, we are so passionate about helping pharma serve differently that we will throw in a ton of bonuses if you bring a team (10+ people) to EngageRx.

We are putting a package together as we speak. Just email us here if you can’t wait…

Our goal is to help you help your team succeed!


Are there discounts for organization-wide use? 2014-01-12T13:12:18-05:00

Discounts for organization-wide implementation are available. Please email us here the approximate size of your organization, along with your contact information and we’ll be in touch with you. We’d also like to share with you some of the ideas we have to help speed your path to success.

How is it delivered to me? 2014-01-12T13:11:45-05:00

Everything you need will come via email. You can read/watch it on your computer or mobile device.

When do I get it? 2014-10-23T12:15:40-05:00

In one word – immediately. When you purchase the program, or your team purchases the program, you will immediately receive your first email. And your journey has begun!

How do I do it in a group? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

Taking the program in a team has tremendous benefits including:

  • It has been proven that discussing/sharing/teaching what you have learned increases your likelihood to expand your learning and apply the ideas. Applying what you have learned increases your likelihood to retain it and achieve greater outcomes. We studied the difference between those who completed the program alone and those that took it as a team. We found that taking it in a group was more enjoyable and led to better sharing and application of ideas. In fact, we won an award at CACHE 2011 for a poster that demonstrated the benefits of group learning. You can read about it here
  • Working through the program with your team also creates the accountability to help you stick with it.
  • Working in a team makes it more FUN! And fun definitely helps learning! Our leader board instills a friendly competitive atmosphere. Students can speak to other students and push them on.
  • Some teams create a schedule and rotate facilitation of group phone meetings to discuss each module: best ideas, questions, and application stories.
  • Some teams went further and created a fun contest in which people could submit their CAR – Challenge, Action, Result . The ‘CARs’ were distributed company-wide monthly for people to vote on the best idea. Imagine the great sharing that occurred!
How much is it? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

The investment per person is $1445. To put that in perspective, it is less than the price of a conference (but no hotel, flight, leaving home required!) AND you will get more than twice the value, ideas and outcomes from it!


Is there any additional support? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

We are here for you every step of the way. The Qstream technology enables us to send you a variety of tools to help you on your path to mastery. We have templates to help you get organized, tools, and quizzes to assist in your self-assessment, videos and fun readings to augment your learning.

Also, forever after, you will be considered our student and we won’t leave you. We will continue to provide you with the latest information on how to influence ethically in pharma through our monthly reminders and blog.

Ask us about:

1. EngageRx Keynotes and Workshops
Your team will sit up and listen in these engaging sessions. The “Why you do it” keynote serves as a great kick-off to stimulate your team’s interest in the program while the “Who you are” and “What you say and do” workshops support their learning through the program. Workshops can be customized to apply your product challenges to the SUASION staircase and lessons in the program.

Ask us for more information here.
Testimonials from live session participants include:

  • “You will see when the evaluation summary comes out that you were considered by far the best presenter at the conference and the delegates want to hear more from you.” Fran Kirby, President of CACHE
  • “These days it is rare to attend any sort of professional development that is meaningful but yours stuck with us and has made a tremendous difference over the last 3 years.” Nicole Simpson, Training Manager, Solvay Pharma Inc
  • “Thank you once again for the great presentation of this afternoon. It was simple, lively, entertaining and most importantly, very enriching. The material is very relevant to all of us in the industry. I found the concepts very interesting and they are relatively easy to apply if we take time to do it. The one thing I will remember is doing things right the first time. It is something I need to work on.”
  • “I was a participant in your conference on “PERSUASION Rx: How to influence Ethically” which I thought was very interesting! and useful!  It was dynamic, visual and it brought me a lot of ideas I could transfer in my own training sessions and my day-to-day discussions with managers.” Vicky Charpentier, CRHA, Sandoz Canada Inc, 
  • “Again, I want to thank you for your presentation this Tuesday. It was great. I can say that it was the highlight of the conference. Everybody kept talking about it yesterday, ‘WAIT’, the ‘SUASION staircase’, etc. I hope we will have another opportunity to work together in the future.” Christine O’Doherty, , LL.B, LL.M Directrice, Développement des affaires, Montréal InVivo
  • “I just wanted to write you a quick email to thank you so much for your seminar you ran at our National Sales Meeting this past week – I learned a lot and have been thinking about it often. I am looking forward to applying your SUASION Staircase both in my personal and professional life.” Andrea Schwarz, Specialty Territory Manager, Solvay Pharma
  • “That was the first time in a long time that a keynote got my attention. It built on what we already know about selling and gave us fresh insight and new ideas that I will take back to work tomorrow. Well done!”

2. CoachesThese certified coaches live the program. They create the accountability, support and guidance to take the ideas to action to outcome. We all know that coaching is key to results. Watch what these coaches can do for your team! Imagine if your team leaders have this coaching! Special packages are available to organizations taking the program. Ask us for more information here.

3. Team support bonus package  – go to “Are there benefits for teams” question to learn more.
Is there a hard copy or audio version? 2014-10-23T12:26:59-05:00

Everything you need will be delivered to you by email. You can read the modules online or download them to read later.

We are working on an audio version. Please email us here and ask to be notified if this interests you.

How is the program delivered to me? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

The mobile technology delivers this life-changing content to you, when and where you want it. It uses spaced education methodology, a proven science-based methodology for improving learner engagement, knowledge retention, and on-the-job performance.

In more than two dozen studies published over the past five years, it is well demonstrated that this spaced repetition works, increasing knowledge retention by up to 50 percent. Click here to see the studies.

It represents a significant advance in mobile, gaming and social learning. Originally developed and tested at Harvard through efforts to educate doctors, we are now bringing it to pharma people. You will see it is truly a breakthrough for training!

Over 15 weeks you will receive 29 emails (~3/week) that inspire, educate, entertain, remind and enable you to change. You will read, answer questions, compare yourself to your peers, watch videos.

In the end, you will you earn your accreditation certificate which you will proudly add to your list of achievements. More importantly, you will have the knowledge, attitude, skills and habits to make the changes you need to get better outcomes – for your health care partners, your company, yourself and most importantly… the patients!

What is the story component in this program? 2014-10-23T12:35:29-05:00

Since the best way to learn is to make it fun and engaging, we tell the story of Richard, a star pharma rep turned sales manager, turned product manager and his quest identifying the 3 keys to create patient-focused engagement and outcomes. Each module advances his story and describes the lessons from his story. Other ways we make it fun and engaging are through the gaming methodology in Q-stream (our delivery platform).

How can I get approval from my manager? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

You’re ready to join us and take the program, but you’re not sure how to approach your manager?

Your first influential challenge will be to gain your manager’s approval.

We have taken the liberty of drafting an email for you to revise and send. You can access it here. 

It includes:

  1. FAQ’s
  2.  2-min explainer video,
  3. a free download of one module of the program
  4. videos about each module,
  5.  explanation of the delivery technology
  6. Testimonials

Hope that helps!



I took Persuasion Rx. What is the difference between EngageRx and Persuasion Rx? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

A training manager in Canada asked the same question so she took the matter into her own hands and tested it for herself. Her conclusion? “EngageRx is like PersuasionRx in 3D technicolor!”

Another tester said “EngageRx is like PersuasionRx on steroids!”

It’s the same great story of Richard which illustrates the module learnings… but there’s so much more. We took 2 years to re-write it, adding all the latest research to the modules and some new modules as well. It emphasizes the importance of patient centricity while increasing your confidence that you know what to do, think and say to BE patient focused… and more profitable.

But that’s not all! We took all of the new and original content and packaged it into a game-changing mobile learning platform developed at Harvard to help medical students remember and use their course work. Instead of a paper-based program- EngageRx is something you can take with you on your tablet. In 15 minutes a day, you’ll transform your perspectives and skills in engaging healthcare providers, administrators, your colleagues–and even your family!

Bottom line. Our testing group told is that if you loved PersuasionRx, you will love EngageRx even more. You will be happy to know that we’re rewarding PersuasionRx grads by offering you 50% off the EngageRx price. We want to encourage you to continue to develop your expertise and leadership. Pharma needs you to lead the way.

Methods of Payment? 2017-05-04T16:07:53-05:00

Our website supports most credit cards. If you need to be invoiced,
click here to email us
, and we’ll set you up! All options are listed on our “buy online” page here.

If you are in Canada, you will purchase it through CCPE. Just go here.

Where do I go to get started? 2015-01-13T10:05:44-05:00

Simply click here.