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I really enjoyed your program. I’ve tried some of the questions and they really work! I have been in the business since 1989 and have taken many courses (too many to count) and yours is by far the best one—so congratulations.
Mary-Ellen Rennie
CV Representative
EngageRx is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken and I’m using it every day—a lot of immediate applications. I think everyone in the company should take it.
Paul McCarthy
CNS Representative
It was fantastic—completely applicable to both my personal and professional life.
David Crosier
Medical Specialist Representative
EngageRx has had a definite impact on me. I use the ideas daily with my doctors and with my two daughters! I have recommended this program to my teammates and my wife. And, I will be presenting my learnings to those interested.
Stephen Maltby
Senior Territory Manager
Your program has ‘energized’ me which is always a great thing.
Karen Berg
Hospital Representative
I truly recommend that everyone consider taking EngageRx. I find myself using the ideas in this course now without even having to think about it. It is starting to come to me naturally.
Hussein Wehbe
Specialist Representative with 23 years of pharma experience
Thank you very much for this interesting and helpful program. By the way, I’ve been in the pharmaceutical business for 20 years….this is the first time I really enjoyed a ‘selling’ program.
Laurie Bennett
Oncology Medical Representative
The subject matter is interesting, impactful in all areas of your life, and ultimately helps to increase sales which is what we are all striving for. When I tell other people about it, they are always interested in hearing how to influence ethically, and the steps on the Suasion staircase.I have been waiting a long time for a program like EngageRx. I actually used to browse the bookstore’s sales/ marketing shelves to see if I could find anything that could help. This is it!
Nicole Brown
GP Representative
This program is the wave of the future for pharma... our clients deserve nothing less. By giving our clients what they need, we will get more in return… the time is now.
Benita Lanctot
Specialist Representative with 18 years experience
I couldn’t stop reading EngageRx. I kept thinking ‘OMG I could try this. OMG I could try that.’ Things I’ve learned over the years had never been brought together like this or reinforced. I plan to read my highlights over and over again. There are so many things I want to try… I feel like my brain is going to explode! It takes what you think you know to the next level. This program brings everything we know about selling in this industry together into one package and helps you to think outside the box.
Kim Traplin
GP Representative with 18 years of experience
After 20 plus years in the industry, we sometimes fall into old ‘sales’ habits. EngageRx gave me the opportunity to learn new ideas and approaches.
Mary Condie
Neuroscience Speciality Rep
I loved EngageRx. I loved that you have a good sense of humor—you are genuinely funny. I loved that it was so focused for my industry. This really helped me know how to be memorable and influence my clients. I am recommending it to anyone who will listen!
Erica Bell
Vaccines Specialty Representative
This is a great program simply because the implications of it go well beyond sales. It gives you insight into others’ perspectives on what you are trying to influence so that you can adapt to their needs and become part of positive change.
Tim Hoy
Senior Specialty Sales Representative
It was different from all the other programs. It was relevant to my job and something that provided value.
Wendy Hardcastle
Medical Sales Representative
I have taken more than 10 Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education advanced courses and EngageRx is, by far, the most practical program I have taken to date. The SUASION staircase is a concept that can be incorporated into any selling discussion, for any product, with any type of physician. I would recommend this program to any pharma rep.
Michael Wacasey
Specialist Representative
This is an excellent program. It reinforces my values, and my company’s values. I was able to implement ideas and have been successful in achieving my objectives. I would recommend this program to all.
Fakhshad Bhetasi
I absolutely loved this program! To be quite honest, I had a hard time putting the manual down (no exaggeration). Although I have been through some great training exercises/programs with my company, Persuasion Rx has not only helped to reinforce my previous learnings but also taught me a lot of new information. It gave me a new approach to tackle the challenges of changing physician behavior and thereby provided significant benefit to patients.
GP Representative
The EngageRx program has been, without a doubt, one of the best initiatives that we, as an entire sales and marketing team, have done together. We have been told many times that the reps who have taken this program stand out from those who have not.
Nicole Simpson
Sales Training Manager
I finished the EngageRx program last month and have to say it is the best course I have taken in years. The practical approaches and real-life vignettes used to paint the picture from a pharma perspective were terrific.
Annie McLean
Medical Affairs Manager
You have to prioritize in life. The time you take to do this program will save you time in the doctor’s office in the future, plus it will boost your sales (and everything that goes along with that...ego, bonuses, etc). It will also make you a better salesperson, a better deal closer, a better listener, a better mom/dad. It applies to all aspects of life, not just in sales.
Karine Lanouette
Medical Representative
I must say, in the six to eight weeks that I took to read, review and complete the program, I obtained many good lessons and advice that I can integrate into routine practice with physicians on a go-forward basis. It fit like a glove!
Michael Coady
Vaccine and Osteoporosis Representative
EngageRx is an easy read with a lot of valuable hands-on actionable steps.
District Manager
At this point in my career, it takes a lot to be impressed. I am a huge fan of EngageRx because it presents the critical skills we need to engage our customers in the new pharma environment. It was a terrific blend of tweaking some skills I already had (and maybe did not know it) combined with trying new ideas, all in the interest of finding win-win partnerships with my customers. It all sinks in so nicely in an easy going learning format that I could totally absorb and relate to.
Bonnie Rodriguez
Key Accounts Specialist
The EngageRx program is a way of thinking, approaching and operating in an ever-changing environment where we shift our thinking from delivering key selling messages and samples to one of dialogue and approaches to disease management. It enables one to consider the steps involved in developing trusted partnerships and building long-term relationships to provide value to physicians and other HCPs. This also applies to everyone in our lives. It is a life-long investment for all your interactions.
Sally Mack
Senior Territory Representative
I loved EngageRx! It really makes you think about your everyday calls with your GPs and your everyday life. I think every rep should take it.
Clare Humphries
Senior Territory Manager
The structure and content of EngageRx are excellent. I have used it to enhance my skills in people management and customer relations. It is by far the most practical and valuable CCPE course I have taken to date.
GP Representative
When deciding to take EngageRx, I was a bit nervous about how my company and my manager would perceive my choice of program, but after seeing the impact it has had on the way I approach each sales call and think about the business, it has been a win-win-win for all of us!
GP Representative
I truly recommend that everyone consider taking EngageRx. I find myself using the ideas in this course now without even having to think about it. It is starting to come to me naturally. I have already run a teleconference for my whole region of 12 reps and a manager to discuss the benefits of the program and how to use the SUASION technique.
Hussein Wehbe
Neuro-Science and Cardiovascular Medical Sales Representative
This is one of those programs that is transferable to whatever role you play in the industry. The applications of the skills can be used in any area.
Kelay Ohlhauser
Pharmaceutical Representative
I would call EngageRx the answer for those of us with a few years experience who need a different level of thinking to apply to our activities and even our personal lives.
Marketing Manager
As an industry, we tend to focus on our internal training on evidence, science and product messages to influence the actions and advocacy of our external stakeholders. While these are important, we can generate more advocates for the value of our innovative medicines by further developing our ability to engage our audience. The EngageRx program helped me understand and communicate the importance that trust, emotional intelligence and dialogue have in creating the desired changes in behavior. Simply put, engage the heart and the head will follow.
Kirby Smith
Manager, Policy and Communications
Great program! EngageRx is very practical—you can apply it to your daily selling skills. Beneficial for everyone and all will gain something from it.
GP Representative
Let your manager know that EngageRx not only improves your influence professionally but also benefits you personally. I have applied these principles to my personal life and it has helped me a great deal in approaching situations with my teenage sons. Everyone has challenges, at work, at home, or in their marriages.
Regional Manager
This program will empower you with the knowledge and skills to ‘think outside of the box’ and help you gain more time with your customers. It is very engaging and probably the most practical and applicable of all the CCPE courses I have taken to date.
Julie Richards
Pharmaceutical Representative
Taking this program would be well worth it, as there is so much that you can apply to your daily work life (and personal life too!). I’ve learned that when I speak to others, I can immediately visualize where they are in their decision making and the next steps that I should focus on to propel them forward.
Delna Sorabji
Medical Education Manager
EngageRx is my 18th Council for Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Education course and I don’t recall getting involved or enjoying a program as much as I did with this one. I find myself (only a day after I wrote my exam and passed with flying colors) using the materials I learned to explain things and relate to people in ways I have never done before. Whether it is my personal or professional life, I think you made an impression on me. Thanks a million and keep up the good work.
Specialist Representative
This program helped me identify where my partners were in terms of buying into an idea. Based upon where they were, I was better able to adapt to the needs of my partner and provide value.
GP Representative
It will change the way you plan your calls with physicians and helps to map out long-term and short-term objectives with customers.
GP Representative
EngageRx has changed the way I approach people in every aspect of my life. I look at my daily interactions differently now using the approaches I learned when communicating with my children, friends, co-workers, KOLs, etc. My ability to persuade/influence has improved; however, I am continuing to practice and improve on this new skill.
GP Representative
This program helped me understand why I was struggling in certain scenarios and gave me the language and tools to overcome them.
GP Representative
EngageRx really helped me to think of new and different approaches to my ‘challenging’ sales calls. What I learned is applicable to both my professional and personal life
Specialist Representative
I’m not a book reader yet I was drawn into the binder as it was telling a story of a rep just like me. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the program.
Vineet Gupta
Specialist Representative
Completing this program allowed me to analyze my personality and attributes as a salesperson, and brought me back to understanding what was truly important to me—a true partnership between me and my customers! It helped to create my success in a new specialized role
Alison Funk
MS Specialty Sales Consultant
To respond to the changes in our industry, we are empowering our sales and marketing teams with the ideas in EngageRx.
Jean Lachapelle
Everyone in our sales and marketing organization should take EngageRx, so we would all be singing from the same song sheet. As an example, I would like to refer to the HCPs I call on as ‘partners’. It’s hard when they’re always referred to as ‘customers’. It’s a mind-set that needs to change if we are going to make an effective change in HCPs’ offices. I will talk to my manager today about including it on my team’s development plan. Then, she can suggest it also to the other regional managers
Sandra Haltrecht
Sr. Territory Manager, Respiratory
I didn't look at my watch once - all day - that's never happened before.
Sales Representative
The course was very practical and allowed lots of time for group sharing and participation. This course will have a positive impact not only in my territory but also personally as well.
Sales Representative
We cannot afford to continue doing business the way we have in the past. It is time to become more sophisticated in how we engage our customers. If you experience poor access, customer apathy or low retention of key messages, then it is time to invest in changing your approach with EngageRx.
GP Representative
After your talk, I got an email from one of the spec reps. She wanted to tell me that she tried some of the ideas with huge success. To make a long story short, the physician's response was 'Well this changes everything!' I've never in my career had someone come back and say there was an immediate benefit from training.
There will be much less banging my head against the wall now! I know what I need to do to influence my team! Thank you!
Sales Manager
From my detail aids, to my presentations to the reps, my cross-functional team, I feel like I can now play chess instead of checkers in how I influence them.
Marketing Manager
I feel so much more confident know. I hadn't looked at it this way before and it makes so much sense. It really is all about influencing and now I know how to do that.
EngageRx allows you to think outside of the box and create strategies to help influence your customers to buy into our goals or objectives. It really got me to rethink some of my approaches in how I interact with my customers. The course was very practical and allowed lots of time for group sharing and participation. This course will have a positive impact not only in my territory but also personally as well. I would encourage and highly recommend this course as it really allows you to become more "aware" of yourself and interactions with others.
Continue to do the great work you do, as it is extremely encouraging and has significantly improved both my work and personal life. Thank you!
Sandra Kodsi
Territory Manager
Feel much more ready to do the job. My learning curve just sped up exponentially!
Makes me understand some influencing barriers I've met in the past.
100% applicable to my work.
The tools make so much sense. There are things I should be doing that I hadn't thought of. I will definitely use them.
I have never found a program anything like EngageRx and believe me I’ve searched!
Dallas Moores
Senior National Trainer
I LOVE IT…and yes I am shouting :)) EngageRx is riveting… this takes my thinking and puts it into the real world. When I am finished, I want to present this as a program that all managers at my company should take.
Judy Power
Oncology Partnership Manager
I personally feel more valued and I get more time with doctors. I would recommend EngageRx if you want to have a more engaging discussion with a doctor about their needs and be solution oriented with your product, educational activities or resource materials. This program will open doors for you and allow you to be an added resource or partner.
Donna Racco
Health Solutions Manager