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It’s hard to change HCP habits!

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It’s hard to change HCP habits!

“Habits can be changed if we understand how they work.” says Pulitzer Prize winning, best-selling author Charles Duhigg.

When you woke this morning, what was the first thing you did? What habits helped or hindered you? It’s the small habits over time that decide your future.

Now think about what habits of healthcare professionals help or hinder patient outcomes. What habits can you help them change to create optimal patient outcomes?

You should read this article published in HS&M (or watch my video interview with Charles), if you want to know….

  • The necessary evolution of the old pharma sales habit
  • His #1 tip for pharma reps to change habits of HCPs to make better choices for patients
  • The #1 thing that can change how satisfied you are at the end of the day
  • How to avoid mistaking busyness with productivity
  • His biggest take-away from writing his book

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