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Thank you Tom Rath! Tom is one of the most influential authors of the last decade on the role of human behavior in business and economics. You may have read one of the 5 million copies of his international bestsellers including How Full is Your Bucket and StrengthsFinder 2.0. But Tom stepped away from all that – his ‘day job’ – to focus on helping us be healthier.

Why? Tom has been quietly managing a serious illness for over 20 years and has assembled a wide range of information on the impact of eating, moving and sleeping. He was tired of seeing his friends and loved ones die prematurely from preventable illnesses. In fact, he says, researchers have estimated that 90% of us could live to age 90 free of common diseases that make our final years miserable (and that part is key!) with some simple lifestyle choices.

I consider myself fairly health conscious. But I will be making lots of small changes as a result of reading Eat Move Sleep. Tom has done all the research that you and I wish we had time to do. And he shares the actions he took to create the habits that will make a difference. There are so many compelling ideas to help you make small choices that add up to big results. In this summary I share three ideas that most impacted me and the choices I will make. Enjoy!

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