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Proud of LEO – making a patient-centric culture a reality

One of the greatest challenges for any organization is to change its culture. LEO Pharma is close to making patient-centricity a reality. The company is busy aligning and focusing employees towards changing the business model from one that concentrates on products to one that goes beyond medicine and invests in solutions that consider the entire [...]

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Gold mine – collection of stories of companies who flourish by focusing on their purpose

I love this Flipboard magazine collated by Jim Stengel. He showed through his 10-year retrospective study that companies who focus on the purpose outperform the others. Here is a collection of articles highlighting companies activating their brand purpose. A gold mine! Enjoy!

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Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

What comes to mind when you think of working for Google? The free food, the onsite grocery delivery, dry cleaning, massage, nap pods, salons, car wash service, concierge, the Google bus that drives you to work? Or maybe you think of the fact that Google is twenty-five times more selective than Harvard? Or the fact [...]

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Simple tricks to avoid big influence mistakes in pharma

Pharma trainers/reps - if you missed it, don't worry, here's the recording of the webinar I did for LTEN. What's the big idea in this webinar? Have you ever tried to jump up four steps at a time? Did you fall? Well that’s exactly what our reps are doing – jumping up the staircase [...]

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6 tips to avoid the “dump your resolutions” day!

How many of us make New Year’s resolutions, then tuck them away never to be seen again? No wonder they don’t work. Here are 6 tips to help them stick, a story of success and a template to help you create resolutions that really work.  

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Growing in patient-focused ways – can it be done in pharma?

I am so proud to have contributed to this excellent White paper. What is a White paper exactly anyway and why should you read it? According to Wikipedia, a white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant [...]

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Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities that Make Us Influential

You are at a party. Clearly you want to connect with people, but how? You look around the room and unconsciously size people up. What are you looking for? And don’t forget, they are also judging you. What criteria are they using? John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut have actually figured out the hidden qualities that [...]

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Pharma Trainers – Are You Making This Mistake? Are Your Reps?

Have you ever tried to jump up four steps at a time? Did you fall? Well that’s exactly what our reps are doing – jumping up the staircase of behavior change. And we wonder why the doors shut on them! Not only do sales reps make this mistake several times a day, but in some [...]

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The Upside of your Dark side

“Attitude is everything!” I always said. And what I thought that meant was that I should create a positive attitude at all cost. Turns out, that might not be the best plan! In The Upside to Your Dark Side, Kashdan and Biswas-Diener push our thinking beyond positive emotions. They go so far as to suggest that our modern [...]

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