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What kids’ soccer teaches you about selling

I was at my daughter’s soccer game last night and overheard an interesting conversation. One mother on our team was complaining, “All the other team wants to do is win. CHERRY PICKER!” she shouted with distain after a girl on the opposing team scored a goal. I was confused. And apparently so was the mom [...]

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Creating Patient-centric Growth

Turning the tables, I was interviewed for this article. Thank you Dr. Davies for listening and summarizing so well. In this article you will learn ideas of how pharma can create patient-focused growth and a sample case study. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Check it out here

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Leadership lessons from the dancing guy and

Over the past year LEO Canada has forged a path that others are seeking – to bring their patient-focused vision into their culture. They’ve moved patient-centricity beyond projects and into their people’s hearts and minds. And this effort has the potential to create greater engagement, growth and outcomes! Their story was published in HM&S Magazine. Some are [...]

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Proud of LEO – making a patient-centric culture a reality

One of the greatest challenges for any organization is to change its culture. LEO Pharma is close to making patient-centricity a reality. The company is busy aligning and focusing employees towards changing the business model from one that concentrates on products to one that goes beyond medicine and invests in solutions that consider the entire [...]

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Gold mine – collection of stories of companies who flourish by focusing on their purpose

I love this Flipboard magazine collated by Jim Stengel. He showed through his 10-year retrospective study that companies who focus on the purpose outperform the others. Here is a collection of articles highlighting companies activating their brand purpose. A gold mine! Enjoy!

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Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

What comes to mind when you think of working for Google? The free food, the onsite grocery delivery, dry cleaning, massage, nap pods, salons, car wash service, concierge, the Google bus that drives you to work? Or maybe you think of the fact that Google is twenty-five times more selective than Harvard? Or the fact [...]

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Simple tricks to avoid big influence mistakes in pharma

Pharma trainers/reps - if you missed it, don't worry, here's the recording of the webinar I did for LTEN. What's the big idea in this webinar? Have you ever tried to jump up four steps at a time? Did you fall? Well that’s exactly what our reps are doing – jumping up the staircase [...]

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