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This one sentence doubles the chance someone will say ‘yes’ to your request.

First a little mystery! Some of the qualities of that sentence are: It's practical, easy to implement and consistently effective It's based on one’s desire for freedom of choice It's small but mighty! So, what is it? A meta-analysis published in December 2012 of 42 studies and 22,000 people showed that if you include the [...]

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The Disorienting Dilemma

“Dr. Anderson stood and reached for the door knob when his rep tried a new approach. Dr. Anderson stopped, did an about face, plunked himself back into his chair… and kept talking. It worked!” Click the link to enjoy my full article that was just published in SPBT's In Focus magazine.

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Do you live a "charged" life?

Are you ready to question why you live at the energy level that you do? Are you ready to challenge yourself to live a consciously designed life that makes you feel more engaged, energetic, and enthusiastic – a CHARGED life? Brendon Burchard's book, The Charge, won't let you settle for living in boredom, distraction, or [...]

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Fewer malpractice claims and happier doctors result from this 1 skill

Greater physician empathy has been associated with fewer medical errors, better patient outcomes and more satisfied patients. It also results in fewer malpractice claims and happier doctors. One easy way to be more empathetic? Listen. I will not be influenced by you unless I feel like you understand me. Let the person you are trying [...]

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