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Want to get through to your teens?

Under the category "Who'd have thought?", Ashton Kutcher just went up a notch in my books. Share this 4-minute video with your teens. Three great lessons including “how to be sexy”. You might be surprised! You may say the same things to your kids but I suspect way less cool... (cooly?) ;) ! Enjoy!

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Planning your way to balance

As I travel through various organizations I see the same thing... people searching, even craving for balance. And they should. It will make them happier which in turn leads to greater influence. Having a balanced day (that includes time for all the important things) starts the day, even the week, before. Here are 3 tips [...]

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Apps that really help you be healthy

I was shocked when my husband showed me what was helping him to lose weight. The scale in our bathroom was connected to his computer and the Withings app was producing cool charts showing his progress. The slow but sure downward progression of his weight loss chart firmed the deal for me. What he was [...]

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Does a happy family just happen? Or can you create it?

I just love teaching the 3rd key from EngageRx. It involves who you are and how to increase your happiness. You see, happier people are more engaging and influential than unhappy people. Dan Buettner (author of Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From The People Who Have Lived the Longest) found that happy people invest [...]

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Why some medical innovations spread and others didn’t

Dr. Atul Gawande shares great stories of how some innovations in medicine spread while other equally important ones did not. So many lessons for us. Enjoy his article from The New Yorker, Annals of Medicine.

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2 ideas to become more likeable

Picture the people you chose to do business with; your hairstylist or your car dealer for example. Why do you choose that person over and over again? There are likely many people offering similar services at comparable quality and competitive prices. Michelle Lederman, author of The 11 Laws of Likability, believes the answer boils down [...]

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Who can you help today?

Watch this incredible un-staged moment from a Special Hockey International tournament. We can all learn from this young player. Grab your tissue..... To learn more about it go to

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Trust – an essential competency to build!

“In spite of the importance of trust in our business world today, few leaders have given it the focus it deserves.” The Trust Edge, page 28 Building trust is like growing a forest. Many seeds are planted, nurtured over time and then with one small match, destroyed. So how do you plant and nurture those [...]

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