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Olivier Bernard

Olivier Bernard
Olivier BernardEngageRx Coach
Hi, my name is Olivier Bernard. I’ve had the privilege to work in various roles within the healthcare system, but one thing ties it all together: my passion and fascination for communication.

About Me

Back in college, I dreamt of working in the pharmaceutical industry. I pictured myself inventing new molecules, operating gigantic mixers, developing clinical trial protocols, designing marketing campaigns and engaging physicians… ideally all at the same time! When I finally joined pharma, I discovered all of its wonderful sides… as well as its many frustrations. Both in scientific- and business-oriented roles, I strived to change the perceptions of our industry through better dialogue, transparency and work ethics… but it wasn’t easy. When I met Jill Donahue and started learning from her, everything changed for me. I gained not only confidence in myself to pursue these objectives, but first and foremost I was able to do it through better trust from my clients.

I should also mention that I’m a pharmacist by training, a job that I’ve always practiced part-time to this day. It turns out that educating patients is not that different from what pharma does: influencing behaviour in order to improve lives. All the great techniques I learned in pharma and from Jill, I also apply with my patients, with incredible results!

Nowadays, I dedicate myself to public awareness in healthcare and sciences, simultaneously as a blogger, speaker, author and mass media spokesperson.