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Jill Donahue

Jill Donahue
Jill DonahueEngageRx President, Founder and Co-Author
Hi, my name is Jill Donahue. I have two passions in life. Firstly, my family; three glorious girls and wonderful hunky husband (he made me say that!) who inspire me to live my best life.

Secondly I am passionate about my work. Everything I do is focused on helping pharma improve patient outcomes— my ‘day job’. I love it. It inspires me to jump out of bed each day to get back to it!


About Me

I have discovered the biggest mistakes pharma professionals make and solutions to those mistakes so they can bring value to their healthcare partners and their organizations. I spend my time learning and teaching them how. I am a passionate curator, researcher and teacher of how to make change happen for better patient outcomes. Or, if you like more traditional titles, I’m a speaker, a writer and the Chief Mission Officer for my company, Excellerate.

It all started with researching the frustrations I experienced as a pharma rep. Being a bit of an academic geek, I presented my findings to anyone who would listen and then published some. I became hooked on seeing the ‘ah-ha’ moments in my audience members. After completing my Master’s degree in Adult Education with a focus on influencing behavior change in healthcare, I wrote my first book with my co-author (and husband!) John, Persuasion Rx: How to Influence Ethically.

Hearing the anecdotes from Persuasion Rx students gave me goose bumps. They told us that Persuasion Rx was a real game changer. “This is our future. It has changed my LIFE,” one reader concluded. One by one, they started recommending it to their colleagues.

Soon enough, teams started jumping on board and now it is helping entire organizations change! Thousands of industry professionals have attended my keynote speeches and workshops and have taken the Persuasion Rx program.

My goal? Call me crazy but I simply want to turn our ‘pharma ship’ around. I believe that we, in pharma, can do better; that we must do better. John and I have updated and revised the program with all the amazing new research available and are now launching it globally under its new title: EngageRx: The 3 Keys to Patient-Focused Growth for Pharma Professionals.

One person, one company at a time, we will learn how to partner with healthcare providers to create better outcomes; for patients, healthcare providers, your company and you! EngageRx will show you how.

Join us! Together, we can make a difference!