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Hélène Bellerose Egan

Hélène Bellerose Egan
Hélène Bellerose EganEngageRx Coach
I consider it a privilege to help people discover so much more about themselves and what they bring to their world. Teaching people to better engage with others is what drives me. I know that change happens when we keep the right idea at the forefront. For Pharma, this means putting patient outcomes first.

About Me

My roles in Pharma have included representative, field trainer and national trainer. I’ve sat across from physicians as a rep, and as an observer. I’ve watched how they react to the very many styles – good and not so good. Engaging them has simply gotten tougher. And yet, it is of extreme importance.

I love working with Jill! I deeply respect her as a professional woman, and as a very dear friend. It is a joy for me to be involved with Engage Rx. I believe in it! It is extremely well crafted, and so well received.

In my 15+ years in the world of Adult Education, I’ve had the pleasure of working with wonderful clients, in a variety of industries. I love to bring what I learn from one classroom to another. I believe that if we can all remain curious learners, then we are all the better for it.

My life’s true delight is my three delightful children. They keep me engaged! I also love to travel (to learn more about this world), to run (to learn more about what I can do), and to spend time with friends and family (to learn even more about love).