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Pharma sales training – a gift for you!

If you missed out on my LTEN pharmaceutical sales training webinar, you have a second chance to watch and learn! Click here if you'd like to learn the biggest mistake we make in pharma training. Skip to min 4 to hear my story about doctors sneaking around with reps…. Yikes!

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Patient-focused movement for pharma emerges

What did Paul and I talk about when the crowds left efpBarcelona? Well, we were both elated. We had never felt so proud to be working in pharma. Why? After three days at one of the largest gatherings of pharmaceutical executives - eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015 - we felt that the idea of pharma being patient-focused was [...]

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Invisible Influence

"Because people are constantly trying to find the right words to say to someone, they ignore something that is 100 times bigger than the exact words: they ignore the context." You will only want to read this post if you need to influence people around you. If anyone just excused him/herself, let me know. I’m curious [...]

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2 exercises to help you FLOURISH today!

Quick! What do you want most for your children and loved ones… and for yourself? Give me a one-word answer. Did you say happiness? If you are like the thousands of people Martin Seligman polled, you would say “happiness,” “confidence,” “contentment,” “fulfillment,” “balance,” “good stuff,” “kindness,” “health,” “love,” “being civilized,” or “meaning.” In short, well-being [...]

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Congratulations LEO!

"I’ve been watching you for 3 years,” she said to me as I walked off the stage. You see, Kathy Foris, VP Scientific Affairs at LEO pharma had a similar mission to mine. I have been trying to help pharma figure out how to become patient centric, and Kathy has been trying to help LEO [...]

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9 declarations to help you live your best life

I was wishing upon a star last night – the first star I saw in the deep blue sky. Do you know what I wished for? Maybe it’s the same as what you wish for; happiness for my family and friends – to live a meaningful life filled with great contribution and joy. I started [...]

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5 tips to make reading a daily habit

I couldn’t believe my luck. A few weeks after I had finished reading the excellent book The Compound Effect, I met the author Darren Hardy. In addition to his title of best-selling author, he is the editor of Success Magazine. Think about it. He interviews successful people all day long – for a living! I wanted to get his [...]

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